Synonyms/ Antonyms

Warmth- (n.) Quality or state of being warm; liveliness of feelings, emotions, or sympathies; quality of being intimate or attached; the effect of brightness/ coziness achieved by warm colors

mother natureSynonyms:

          • Affection
          • Compassion
          • Passion
          • Spirit
          • Zeal
          • Amiability
          • Sincerity
          • Ardor

jack frost Antonyms:

          • Apathy
          • Coolness
          • Dislike
          • Hatred
          • Indifference
          • Incompatibility
          • Chill
          • Hate

When I think of warmth I think not only of love and affection, but also the heat given off by a fireplace or a blanket. Affection, compassion, and sincerity are the three synonyms I would say represent warmth in my mind. A warm person, to me, embodies these traits; they are affectionate, compassionate, and sincere. I rarely ever think of warmth and think of warm colors or a cheerful personality. This blog has opened my eyes to the variety of meanings of warmth.

Likewise, this blog has opened my eyes to the possibilities of the opposite of warmth. Prior to starting this blog, if someone were to ask me what opposes warmth, I would reply with coolness or someone with a cold personality. I would never have thought of someone who wasn’t warm as hateful or incompatible, but through these blogs I can now see why someone who is not cold could be considered incompatible or filled with hatred or indifferent.

As mentioned in a previous blog, warmth is a vital leadership characteristic because people who are warm are approachable and understanding, therefore the antonyms above fit perfectly. If you were a leader without a warm personality, others may see you has cold and hateful or even apathetic.

Mother Nature and Jack Frost are perfect examples of a warmth synonym and antonym. Mother Nature embodies compassion, affection, and sincerity. These traits are commonly associated with warmth and a warm personality. In Greek myth, the change in seasons was explained as the periods of sadness Demeter experienced when her daughter was down in the underworld with Hades. Mother nature is also connected with pregnancy, a natural phenomenon. Mothers need to be nurturing and affectionate in order for their children to grow up properly. Mother nature may as well be warmth.

While, Jack Frost on the other hand, embodies chill, coolness, and hatred. As a character, Jack Frost is more than often portrayed as a sinister, mischievous man. He is heartless and cold to those around him. In the movie Fred Claus, Jack Frost tries to sabotage Fred from saving Christmas because he is not compassionate or warm. Jack Frost would be an example of an antonym to warmth because he does not have a warm personality.

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  1. Better…but no graphics!! A blog lends itself to graphics!!!
    Attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning; well organized
    written in a somewhat interesting style and voice; words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality; some formatting to help make the post easier to read
    no multimedia; categorized or tagged


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