Out of the Fishbowl


Who knows what’s out there?

This picture is my favorite use for the word comfort. It shows a goldfish escaping into a bigger bowl by himself, free from the smaller, cramped bowl filled with twenty fish or so. Comfort means doing what is right for you and pushing yourself into a bigger environment if needed. Some people are more comfortable alone and by themselves as opposed to being cramped with 20 others. School sometimes pushes you outside of your comfort zone, between the curriculum that is being taught and the students that you are surrounded by, against your will.

This photo could also be interpreted by pushing out of your comfort zone and going alone, without the support of anyone else. You don’t know what you could be getting yourself into, but you go for it anyway. The bowl you are jumping into is higher up, and you don’t know what else is going to be in there. In a way, we are all going to be jumping into a bigger bowl by ourselves next summer/fall. Most of us will be going to colleges across Connecticut, New England, and potentially the nation. Odds are, coming from a class of 87 students, not many of us will pick the same school twice. We will be paired up with roommates who we have never met before. We will be put into classrooms with others who we don’t know, and some we will never even talk to. I had a taste of this when I came to Wamogo from a different school system. I only knew a couple others who I didn’t associate myself with much. Now, I couldn’t be happier that I left my comfort zone and went to a different high school. I had no idea that my high school career could have been so great. I had no idea that I would be a plant science student, or that I would be a member of the girl’s tennis team every year since freshman year. I pushed myself, took a few advanced classes, and pushed myself out of what I was comfortable with. The extra work paid off for me.

This picture is simple, but powerful. It has a dual meaning, no matter how simple it is.


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  1. This is a great post about comfort..I love the image and your explanation….
    deeply reflective; synthesizes learned content and constructs new meaning; well organized
    written in an interesting style and voice; words used are carefully chosen, memorable, and bring the content to life;
    sentence fluency is smooth and naturally expressive
    all words spelled correctly; no grammar errors; formatting makes the post more interesting and easier to read
    multimedia adds new information or perspective to post;


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