Calm After The Storm


                  Often we speak of the calm before the storm, referring to that state of waiting with the exciting hint of anticipation. But in my opinion, it isn’t calm we feel before the storm, but rather after. Have you ever been outside enjoying a summer picnic or a walk in the woods, and you suddenly become aware of how quiet the world around you has become? There is no disturbance in the air or a rustle in the trees towering above you, and even the birds and squirrels stopped scurrying around and are nestled away in their homes somewhere. It’s almost as if you can feel the storm making its way towards you. The ominous clouds fill in the sky above and you rush back to shelter as soon as you can, but only after a few drops of rain land on your skin.

Many refer to this point in time as the calm before the storm, but it is more of a peculiar calm than a reassuring calm. You can’t be at a calm state of mind and being if you know that a storm is coming, bringing uncertainty with it. It’s an anxious waiting game, not knowing how severe it will be or the damage it will cause. It is only when the storm has completely passed and the sun starts to peek out of the clouds again that you can be at a completely calm state of being. The worst part is over.


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  1. You rely too heavily on “it”…exactly what is “it”??? The result is you are writing ambiguously…as if you are too timid to make a clear point.
    reflective; informational post: attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning;
    written in a somewhat interesting style and voice; words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality; sentence fluency is interrupted by overused pronouns.
    ; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post; may be categorized or tagged


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