Beauty and the Brain

Nobody knows for sure what makes people and things beautiful. Professor Semir Zeki, from University College London, found that thoughts of beauty come from the frontal lobe of the brain. The frontal lobe is the pleasure center of the brain. There seem to be certain paths of brain activity associated with viewing something you find beautiful. These paths in the brain differ between cultures. What one person views as beautiful music in one culture may be completely different than what a person in another culture would. It is found that in the “Japanese culture asymmetrical music is preferred, where as in the Western culture symmetrical music is preferred.”

frontal lobe

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and loved it, and then after hearing it another ten times you’re not as found of it? This all makes sense because a person’s brain adapts to sounds and sights. Your brain adapts to the sound of a certain song and doesn’t see it as a great work of art anymore. Or maybe you have a certain song you can listen to on repeat and never get sick of it, this means that your brain doesn’t adapt to this certain sound. This adaptation also directly reflects why a person sees all their own blemishes that other people do not see. A person’s brain adapts to seeing the same image everyday that it will see every small blemish that appears. Other people do not see these blemishes because their brain has not adapted to the other person’s looks. The recognition of beauty is perceived by brain paths and culture.


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  1. So, you make a case for nature AND nurture? “The recognition of beauty is perceived by brain paths and culture”….so you are going to have to decide one or the other!!
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