What Does Comfort Mean To You?

Comfort Zone Index Card

Getting out of your comfort zone is where life begins!

The word comfort is usually thought of as a warm blanket. A bowl of hot food after a long day of being out in the rain or snow. A hug when you have a bad day. Comfort is letting someone know that they are not alone, and that you feel their pain, you can relate to how they are feeling. Comfort is the exact opposite of embarrassment, ridicule, or pain. Comfort is familiarity. Comfort also lends its name to comfort foods, foods that bring about the familiarity of a homemade family dinner, something that you can relate to from an earlier, maybe happier time in your life. Foods like macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookies not only make your mouth water, but they remind you of home. Comfort means to help someone else in their time of grief, to be their shoulder to lean on. To me, it is the scent of the fabric softener my Mom uses; Downey April Fresh. All my clothes and towels smell like it, that’s what I’m so familiar and comfortable with. Comfort means all sorts of things to everyone else. To some it could be a song, a smell, a name or a place. Comfort means familiarity, but it can also be taken as pushing yourself out of your zone and trying something new. For me, pushing myself out of my comfort zone is going to be white water rafting in a few days. Doing something that’s going to scare me and make me nervous, but going for it anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll really enjoy it and be glad that I left my comfort zone.

I recently went above and beyond my comfort zone. I went on a white water rafting trip with my best friends for my outdoor recreation class. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was surrounded by my best friends. Honestly, it was one of the greatest experience ever and a huge highlight of my senior year. It was definitely a huge push outside of my comfort zone. I was pushed out of the raft several times and dived right into the cold Deerfield River. If I could relive that day, or maybe go to a higher level of rapids, I would in a heartbeat. Going outside of my comfort zone was thrilling, I didn’t want that day to end. Afterwards, I changed into sweatpants, a pair of furry Uggs, and a huge hoodie, I left a fuzzy, thick blanket on the bus to wrap myself in afterwards too. The day just screamed “COMFORT” for various reasons. I spent five hours pushing myself out of my comfort zone and out of my boundaries, but then I retreated to a familiar level of comfort and warmness. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about that perfect, comfort day.


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