Hate At First Sight


I got the idea for my fifth blog from twitter. One of the accounts I follow tweeted “I believe in hate at first sight.” (pictured above). When I saw this I was deciding what to write about but decided I had to do this. And yes, I believe in hate at first sight.

 hateatfirstsightI believe in hate at first sight. This is a legitimate phenomenon, where like love at first sight in which you fall in love with someone the second you see them, you hate (fall in hate with?) a person from the moment you first see them. I personally have experienced it a few times in my life. I meet someone new someplace or I see them and from that moment on I decide that I don’t like, even if they become friends with all of my friends. No matter what they do I still won’t like them or want to be around them.

It’s a pretty simple idea if you think about. The experts say, whoever they are, that we determine how we feel about a person in the first few seconds that we meet them. Obviously this means that we can determine our hatred for that person within that time frame. We are told “not to judge a book by its cover”, but everybody does it. For some reason we psychologically have it ingrained in us that we must judge people the moment we meat. Maybe our ancestors found this use of instinct important for survival. The people they didn’t immediately like probably wouldn’t be good to have on a hunt or in avoiding youa war, but the people they did like could be the ones who fight by their side or prevent them from being eaten by a lion or something. Because we relied on this internal instinct about the people we met for so many thousands of years, our modern minds have been utilizing it. In fact it may not be a bad thing to do. Perhaps instead of determining who would be best to hunt with, this instinct can tell us who would be the best people to befriend, or employ, or entrust our children too. This instinct may serve as useful still today.

I searched this phenomenon to see what came up and found a website called answerbag.com. On this site someone posted the question “Do you believe in hate at first sight?” A lot of people responded, some saying they did, some saying they didn’t, but I found a few responses that I think help support my hypothesis that it does. They are the following:

“I do. In tenth grade, on the first day of school, I made eye contact with a new student and felt exactly that: hate at first site.
Sixth months later, we were inseperable best friends.
Six years later, he was having an affair with my fiancee. Scumbag piece of garbage. Turns out I was right to begin with”

“Once – didn’t know the guy – from across a crowded room of people. I took a look at this guy and this odd thought through my head.
I felt that I ‘knew’ that,”This guy cheats on his wife and makes her feel guilty about it.” 
I ended up having to work for him and quit the company.” 

“hell yeah i hate lots of people i dont know
the first time i saw george W. i wanted to kick his lips off”

Obviously me and twitter aren’t the only ones who believe in hate at first sight. This is a legitimate phenomenon that people experience everyday.


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  1. This is my all-time favorite blog post. Congratulations.


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