Comfort Etymology

My word comfort is a verb is from the late 13th century, from the word conforten. It means “to cheer up” or “console”. Comfort is derived from the Old French word conforter. Meaning “to comfort, to solace, to help strengthen” from Late Latin.

The word comfort as a noun is circa the year 1200. The meaning is “a feeling of relief”, still as in to take comfort in something. It also means “a source of alleviation or relief”. From the Old French confort.  Comforts (as opposed to necessities and luxuries) is from the 1650’s


Hugging is one of the greatest forms of comfort.

I like the word “comfort” because it means to make other feel better, and to bring peace into their lives. I think that describes me and what I want to do with my life; I want my career to better others. Comfort is important because in times of need and everyone’s darkest hour, you need a little comfort in your life, something to bounce back on and lean to in a time of need. Comfort is what everyone needs at some point in their lives, a little bit of reassurance can go a long way.

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