Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety is not only experienced by humans but dogs as well. One of the most common anxieties among dogs is separation anxiety, which happens when owners must leave their companions at home with a relative or neighbor or at a kennel for long period of time. It  may even occur when the owner must leave the house for shorter periods of time such as work. A common misconception with separation anxiety is that people may believe that the dog must learn house manners, when in fact their excessive urination and defecation might be a symptom of separation anxiety. When the owners tires to leave the house, the dog might attempt to escape, in extreme ways often causing self-injury or damage to the house. Dogs become abnormally agitated when the owner prepares to leave. I know in my own experience, when my family gets ready to go on a trip, we usually kennel our one dog. Just by seeing us back pack and load them into the car, he knows something is up. His barking becomes loud and excessive. He will not jump in the car to take the ride to the kennel, no matter how many treats we bribed him with. If we attempt to lift him up, he lays flat and stiff right on the ground and moans.

His actions never occurred to me as how-to-treat-seperation-anxiety-in-dogs.WidePlayersigns of separation anxiety. Some common symptoms among dogs who suffer from separation anxiety include urinating and deification in presence of guardian, chewing, digging, and destruction, escaping, pacing, and coprophagia which involves the dog eating their own excrement. All dog breeds can fall victim to developing separation anxiety but was are some of the main causes of separation anxiety? Across the board, it often involves a change in some way. Things such as change in guardian or family, change in schedule and change in residence.

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  1. Nice integration of information and personal experience…the photos are from the Internet or yours?
    Some new information on the topic and reflective; attempts to synthesize information; organized; written in a somewhat interesting style and voice; words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality and brings content to life for the most part; sentence fluency is mostly achieved
    few errors; some formatting would help make the post easier to read; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post; Not categorized or tagged


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