Reality: What ‘moral boundaries’ will be crossed in the next 100 years?




Choosing Children
       There was an interesting discussion on about what moral boundaries could be potentially crossed in the future. Our reality will be much different than it is right now in just a few years time. One of the topics that was discussed was about “choosing” your children. Nowadays, parents can choose what color eyes their children will have, even their gender. Although this seems like something out of a sci-fi flick, scientists are already making this happen. Geneticist Lee Silver states that “We already have the ability to isolate genes that affect a lot of the physical traits humans have and the physiological traits.” In the next 20 years or so, more genes will be isolated giving scientists the knowledge of knowing which genes make us tall or short, even which ones determine our personalities. Morally, there is already discussion as to what parents should be able to choose, and if they should be able to choose what their children will be like at all. Risa Goldberg brings up the idea that it would make the world much more “competitive”, and how there would be a lack of diversity. There might be competition between adults creating their “super child”. Of course, environment and surroundings have an impact on a child’s personality and lifestyle, but they may have less of an impact if they are programmed at birth to act and be a certain way. Many parents have opinions about this. One parent who supports “choosing” states “health is the most important part of anything. As long as the kid is healthy that’s all I care about.” We do get those individuals who care about their child’s appearance, saying how for example, they “want my baby to look more like me, not my husband” and would like to have the ability to make that decision. The reddit discussion takes this all a step further, bringing up how the world would change if we could choose the IQ of our children. Some asked the question “wouldn’t raising a child’s IQ be advancing the potential of society as a whole?” Responses consisted of people reminding those asking of the fact that we need “cleaning staff and bricklayers” and that “intelligent people are often not happy in jobs that offer very little intellectual challenge.” Some go as far as to say robots could do those jobs, bringing up another argument: if we do create artificial intelligence, how much choice should they have? Should they have choice at all? The discussion goes on and on. Only time will tell what our reality and lives will be like in the near future.


Reddit discussion:

ABC news article: Genetics Will Let Parents Build Their Baby

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