Sacrifice Blog 4

S- urrender.

A- ccept.

C- ry it out.

R- esign.

I- gnore.

F- ight.

I- mprove.

C- arry on.

E- endure.

The purpose of this poem was to show the many phases of sacrifice. I’ve personally had to sacrifice a lot in my life, and in this particular instance it was sacrificing a relationship with my father in order to better my life. First I had to surrender. I had to realize that seeking revenge wasn’t always the answer, nothing was going to stop until a change was made. I had to swallow my pride and stubborn-ness and be the one to walk away. Next, I had to accept the situation. At first, I would keep caving in and going back to him. Every time I’d convince myself that it would be better this time…and every time was another fight. So eventually I had to say to myself, this is the way it is and if he doesn’t want to put in an effort, then that’s too bad for him. And then of course, I had to cry it out. It was sad, and it was hard. And the only thing that would make me feel better is to just cry. After my cry was complete, I had to resign, throw in the towel. I’d put up with enough and now it was just time to ignore it. Ignore the sadness I was feeling and remember why it was I had to make this decision in the first place. Then I had to fight. Not literal fighting, I had done plenty of that, but I had to fight to move forward and fight to improve my life and make sure that in the end I came out a better person because of the hurt I had to go through. And after all the pain and the hurt, asking myself why my dad didn’t care enough to want a relationship with me anymore…I chose to carry on and endure. I know that I deserve better than the hurtful words every night and what I don’t deserve is feeling like a stranger in the home I grew up in. The sacrifice that I have had to make, has made me a stronger person and makes me want to prove something to my dad. I want him to look back and say “my daughter was worth caring about.”

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  1. The title is terrible…does not give the reader a clue about the really great post you wrote…even “poem” would be a better title!
    That said, this is a personal experience that you have committed to paper…very publicly. I hope that this records a moment in your life…and not the final word on the subject.
    There should always be some multi-media added to a blog post, although your layout is good.
    deeply reflective; synthesizes learned content and constructs new meaning; well organized
    written in an interesting style and voice; words used are carefully chosen, memorable, and bring the content to life;
    sentence fluency is smooth and naturally expressive
    all words spelled correctly; no grammar errors; some formatting makes the post more interesting and easier to read
    post is and tagged


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