“Thirst for Knowledge”

by Gina Rush

Knowledge is a gift of time,

To hoard it an atrocious crime,

For with the transfer of your skill,

Another’s thirst you will fulfill.

Deep-seated our desire to learn,

A raging fire inside does burn,

To quench an unrelenting drive,

Of human fallacy to survive.

The Aroma of Knowledge


Convolutions of fragrant petals,

Obscuring miasma that settles

Bestowed within a corsage of morality

Juxtaposed with honor and vitality

Knowledge is a potpourri of blooms

Propinquity of mismatched perfumes

An affinity that reiterates validity

And reaffirms the aroma of stability

Integrity is the essence of cognition

The scented buds of kinship and ambition

A bouquet of integrated learning

Giving rise to wisdom and discerning

I believe that both poems look at knowledge in an extremely interesting way. The first poem makes knowledge a necessity to life. It is a “thirst” that must be quenched. Without knowledge, humanity cannot prevail. Knowledge is now a basic need to human survival. The second poem looks at knowledge in a lighter, more fragile tone. Knowledge is elegant and beautiful. Knowledge is delicate and must be handled carefully, knowledge gives way to wisdom.

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  1. Really?
    You think that “Propinquity of mismatched perfumes
    An affinity that reiterates validity
    And reaffirms the aroma of stability”

    What is propinquity? propinquity (from Latin propinquitas, “nearness”) is one of the main factors leading to interpersonal attraction. Maybe because of the synesthetic use of a bouquet?
    I think I would have liked you to deconstruct (as I just did) a little more of the language.
    Other than that, I have to say, you are taking some interesting approaches to this word.
    informative;synthesizes learned content and constructs new meaning; well organized
    words could be more carefully chosen, memorable, to bring the content to life;
    sentence fluency is smooth;
    all words spelled correctly; no grammar errors; formatting makes the post more interesting and easier to read; multimedia contrasts to post; post is fully categorized


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