The Person Within.

“Without fear there cannot be courage

Fear drives the unthinkable out of us

What gives you courage when there is none?
What gives you courage to get out of bed?
What gives you courage to drive when you know it’s dangerous?
What gives you courage to succeed?
What gives you courage to survive?
What gives you courage to strive?

People have courage to live for their children
People have courage to live for themselves
People have courage to live for hope
People have courage because they believe
People have courage to not give up

Fear is not the essence of life
But a free soul not tamed

Courage is the journey of your heart
Guided by strength
On a path of untamed obstacles

Let courage guide you
As you begin your quest”

Alisha Ricks
This poem describes how Courage can come from different aspects. For example, a Firefighter’s courage is different compared to jumping off a rock into the water for fun. For a Firefighter, running into a burning building to save someone takes great strength. An example would be, on 9/11, as thousands of people were trying to run out of the building because of the extreme hot flames. Firefighters entered the building, climbing the stairs, to try to save people who were trapped in the building. Even though, they knew the chances of survival were slim. That is a courageous act, being able to do the unthinkable through fear and pain.
A different type of courage could be for fun, like jumping off a rock into water. The courage comes from within you, and can only be controlled by yourself. While standing on a forty foot ledge, being able to will yourself off of it takes tremendous courage. Your instincts say not to jump, but your mind takes control and tells you to jump. In within a split second, you’re free falling through the air, hitting the icy cold water. “Fear drives the unthinkable out of us” creating courageous acts to be performed daily.
Another act of courage could be standing up for a person you may not know, whom may be bullied, and know in your heart that it’s the right thing to help them. To stand by a person who is in harm’s way, proves that you have the courage to reach out and care for others.
“Courage is the journey of your heart, Guided by strength, On a path of untamed obstacles.” The more obstacles you are faced with, teaches us what our strength and  weaknesses are. Every obstacle creates a stronger individual, no matter what way you view it.
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  1. Go back into the language of the poem…why are there so many questions about courage. You offer two very different examples. Is that the reason for the questions? What does the poet ultimately say…do you agree?
    I like your ending where you (almost) do what I am asking.

    very informative or reflective; synthesizes learned content and constructs new meaning;
    sentence fluency is smooth; there is a sense of authorial voice that needs to be more clear; vocabulary average:
    all words spelled correctly; no grammar errors; formatting makes the post more interesting and easier to read
    multimedia cannot be seen? post is fully categorized and tagged


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