Mercy – Photo Essay






I contrasted the word mercy with its opposite mercilessness in this photo essay. The first seven pictures pertain to associations made with the word mercy. These associations include compassion, love, good will, godliness, forgiveness, and clemency. Mercy has come a long way in its number of synonyms and meanings, since it was only a religious word to describe a people’s all powerful God. The last seven pictures are mercy’s opposite associations, they are mercilessness’s associations. These include animosity, cruelty, a lack of compassion, malevolence, and violence. Mercilessness, just like mercy, has too come a long way in expanding its meaning and synonyms, since it used to be a religious word to describe an unforgiving God.×330.png




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  1. OK…a photo essay should show the photos! Some are not available. I do like the way you tried to do the layout (but not really effective)….maybe you could use the caption function?
    reflective; attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning; well organized
    words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality and brings content to life for the most part;
    few spelling errors; few grammar errors; some formatting needed to help make the post easier to read; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post; several links included that add to the reader’s understanding post; may be categorized or tagged
    most information sources are cited accurately;


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