Winter Night

               I shake off all of my cold wet clothes as I step inside my warm house. The smell of hot cider engulfs me and my cheeks turn rosy red after being outside in the snow for so long. I walk up my stairs eager to change into dry clothes and I hang my coat by the fireplace. I sprint to my room and throw on comfy sweats and fuzzy socks and wrap myself in a fleece blanket. With my cat at my heels, I finally curl up in the corner of my couch and my mom brings me some warm cider to sip and soothe my throat. The Polar Express is playing on the t.v., and the flames in the fireplace heat up the room and my body temperature begins to rise. The twinkly Christmas lights reflect off the window, and they blend in with the stars in the night sky.

The scene recreated above demonstrates calm without having to directly state it. The white twinkly christmas lights creates a soft glow in the room and paired with the warmth of the fireplace, gives off a relaxing and calming feel to the atmosphere. Finally being warm after a long day in the cold winter air is soothing in itself. The sense of being cozy and safe inside the home is reassuring, relieving any negative feelings, ultimately creating a sense of calm.


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  1. This is a nice description of a setting…are you inferring calm? You need to be more direct….What makes this place calm?
    Also, you need to edit….Christmas is a proper noun; a film’s title is in italics. Your mistakes indicate that you either do not know these rules OR you don’t care.
    Neither is acceptable.
    This post gives some new information on the topic has trouble with integrating read or learned information and mostly repeats without construction of new meaning; words chosen show an attempt at bringing the content to life; sentence fluency is achieved in few places
    several spelling errors; several grammar errors;
    one piece of multimedia; multimedia does not add significantly to content or perspective; post may be categorized or tagged


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