Adventure and the bond within my family

What if we weren’t adventurous by nature? Most likely, we wouldn’t have made many sufficient discoveries, evolved and developed as a population, nor expanded. What if Christopher Columbus didn’t head on a journey to find a western sea route to China, India, and Asia? It would have been significantly longer before this great country was discovered. We would we be vastly underdeveloped. Our society has progressed as a result of curiosity and the thirst for adventure.

Adventure was the driving force behind my childhood. I would always create these games my sister and I would play. One of the games my sister and I played was this game called ‘Around the World.’ There was this 3 inch rug step which lined the wall around our basement. Our mission was to get around the basement without touching the ground. We would climb over tv sets and run across tables; walk over pillows we had set up and shimmy over the tops of couches. We had three lives – every time we touched the ground, we lost one life. We worked together to keep each other ‘alive,’ and to get to the finish line. We played games like this day after, day, month after month throughout our childhood. You could say that adventure is very important to be as it was the driving force of me and my sister’s close relationship growing up.image

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  1. OK…you start great…and then end abruptly. If this was the bond, what made this so powerful? How did curiosity and thirst for adventure play into this activity (which we called “hot lava” at my house) You need a better conclusion.
    gives some new information on the topic without construction of new meaning; poorly organized; post has style or voice; words chosen show an attempt at bringing the content to life; sentence fluency is achieved in few places
    formatting makes post difficult to follow or read
    one piece of multimedia; uses citations for images improperly


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