Stupidity is Funny

Stupidity is not often perceived as an admirable quality.  However, there is a place people love to see it: in comedies.  While more refined comedies may not need to use stupidity to make people laugh, many comedies do operate via stupidity.  Some call this “asinine”, others call it hilarious.

The people who call stupidity as a mode for humor asinine seem to have a “higher sense of humor”, at least in their own mind.  They think themselves more enlightened.  This is not necessarily bad.  These people just think comedy is more of an art and that there is more to it than just acting stupid.

People who think stupidity is hilarious sometimes think that those who do not are just snobby.  They appreciate the stupidity for what it is trying to do, that is make them laugh.  In my observations, these people tend to laugh more in their lives.  It’s possible that they have happier lives than the “snobs”, but it’s also possible that the “snobs” have just as happy lives and either keep their pleasure inward or take pleasure from sources other than comedy.

Some comedy greats, such as Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey, barely go a movie without acting stupid for the entertainment of others.  Some might say that acting stupid for others’ enjoyment is in itself stupid, but that can be seen as funny itself.  Perhaps there is a chain of stupid actions and people seeing them as funny or stupid but in turn seeing them as funny so in the end almost everyone, inclined or not to laugh at ill thought-out actions, is entertained.

One such movie as mentioned above is Dumb and Dumber, whose title is in itself a homage to stupidity:

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  1. You cannot end without commenting on “Dumb and Dumber”!!! Does this film prove your theory? Examples??
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  1. The Laws of Stupidity | Words, Words, Words

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