He’s in control…

He needed reassurance. He had the utmost confidence in understanding their relationship. Their attraction could only be described in astronomical terms. The two of them were suns of equal mass caught in each other’s gravitational pull.  It seemed benign, but further examination had shown that they were at each other’s mercy. Only he knew this. He too was aware of the danger this sentiment would bring, as their high school lives came to a close and new beginnings would divide them. He both dreaded and decided that it was best to take action as quickly as possible, as he stepped into a fortune teller’s store in the heart of the city.

“I’ve been expecting you” the clairvoyant proclaimed.

He said nothing as he walked up to her mystical table, took a seat across from her, and handed over fifty dollars for a look into the future. Afterwards his mind started trying to figure out where he should begin.

“I know exactly why you are here” she declared, “but what’s important is that you know and understand why you are here, so, where would you like to begin?”.

After what felt like an eternity, his purpose became clear.

“I need to know how she will do, if she’ll turn out how her and I both desire”, he stated.

“She will do good. Her passion burns like fire carried by the wind” she professed.

The fortune teller went on to provide a look at her higher education. According to her readings, she would hit rough patches which fell heavy on his conscious, but was soon lifted once hearing of her excellent performance afterwards.

“She finished her schooling and was hired at a hospital, working in the ER, saving lives just like she wanted” the fortune teller said.

For a moment he was overwhelmed with joy and gloom and at the same time the he and the fortune teller concluded that he was now in control. It was his 51% aiming to validate the 49%’s fate. His skills of deduction were incomparable, only with his abdication would she fulfill the fortune teller’s prophecy. He thanked the medium, walked out the door, knowing exactly what had to be done.

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  1. Why do I have the sense this was a story written for vocabulary??
    The mercy aspect drowns a little…abdication is more obvious at the conclusion. Is there a way to make Mercy more of a theme and less of a word choice in a sentence?
    Post is without construction of new meaning for Mercy;
    post has style or voice; words chosen show an attempt at bringing the content to life; sentence fluency is achieved;
    multimedia does not add significantly to content or perspective for Mercy; post may be categorized or tagged


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