5 Ways To Make a Killer First Impression

Most people will judge you within minutes of walking into a room. Research says that even after just a few seconds, someone will have decided how approachable you are, if you seem like a friend or foe, and if you’re likable. 

Harsh fact: their opinion won’t always be good.

But what are some ways to make a killer first impression and start off on the right foot? It’s simply in how good you look, talk, and think.


1. Set an intention. 

One of the most important things to do before giving a good impression is to set an intention. Especially at a big event with a lot of important people you should be prepared for the people you want to meet and the interactions you want to have. Focus all your energy on the outcomes, and try to keep it positive.

2. Dress to impress. Clothes, make-up, jewelry, accessories right down to shoes are all types of ‘ornamentation’ people take into account when making judgement. If you look like you forgot to shower the night before, dressed in a too small suit with a wrinkly tie, your interviewer may not be happy…nor want to be within a few feet of you. Dress appropriately for every occasion; ladies there are a time and place for everything…miniskirts included. Wear statement items that give the other person an impression of who you with items such as watches, purses or large earrings.

3. Be conscious of your body language. Body language is a crucial part for any encounter with someone, whether it be a first impression or not. Everything from your posture to how you walk to the way you’re angling your body in a conversation matter. Sit or stand up straight, angled toward who you’re talking to so it’s known that you care about what’s being said. Don’t roll your eyes, cross your arms, or make negative/bored gestures that would turn someone else away. You don’t need to have a smile plastered on your face 24/7, but be approachable and maintain a positive aura.

4. Sound professional. It’s important not only to look good, but talk good too. Have a high-class etiquette and talk properly. Enunciate words and keep the swears and crass jokes at home. If you’re having a serious conversation, resist cracking a joke and instead add insightful information when possible.

5. Be interested and interesting. If you are truly interested in meeting people and what they say, they will realize this in a first impression. Approach someone with genuine interest and put in effort to the conversation as they should be too. Don’t slouch in a gathering, but rather look as if you want to be there. When you are meeting people for the first time you will have better conversations and lasting connections when you are interested because they become interested.

First impressions are simple but take thought and effort. If you genuinely want to meet new people then being interesting or interest should come fairly easy. Don’t try too hard to be someone you’re not but instead show them you at your best so maybe they’re willing to you know outside a pretty situation.


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