My Summer ’12 Adventure in The Appalachians

ADVENTURE is an escape from the real world. and go experience themselves for a period of time. Adventure is you,  possibly some friends, and a  whole  lot of nature. It’s very difficult to discover who you really are trapped behind a desk all day. My adventure allowed me to experience myself in a completely different way.
I topped the cliff, and looked back on the steep, treacherous mountain side our group was slowly ascending. I observed the faces of tadventure outward boundhose before me.  My group leader said my little competitive hiking group and I, should wait for the rest. We agreed, reluctantly.  Our hearts were filled with excitement and we didn’t want to wait for those less enthused; we wanted to press on – Now!  This did give us a moment to catch our breath, and really take in our surroundings; Wow! We were so high up, I should be scared…If i fell of now, I’d probably be able to listen to an entire Rolling Stones song before I hit the ground! We progressed at different speeds but I was drawn to helping those who weren’t having such an easy time. A feeling of altruism overtook me. I felt powerful, alive, and alert. I felt inspired to help others. The spirit of adventure had grasped me tightly, and I felt free.
As we hiked, climbed, shimmied, and clambered  up the Appalachian Trail, my mind began to wonder like it never had. The extreme physical exertion tied with fear, camaraderie, near silence, and the heavenly landscape, (miles and miles of pure untamed mountainous freedom!), led to my worries and stresses fading. My mind was quiet. In the silence, I reflected on myself and my life. I realized I was truly grateful for everything I had . . .  
Furthermore, adventure tends to bring people closer together. On my 20 day canoeing and hiking expedition throughout Maine I learned so much about my group, and surprisingly a lot about myself. We grew so close to each other that during one of our group session at the end of the day, one of our campers, Max, actually came out of the closet for the first time to us. It was cool that people could be so open and expressive about themselves to people they barely knew. Suki, the girl on the far left, never thought that she would enjoy something like this, but decided to come for the fitness. Boy, was she wrong! She had the best time of all of us! It was an amazing adventure. I grew very close to trail mates and learned so much about myself as a result of my 2012 Appalachian Adventure
outward bound 2

outward bound 37







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  1. Some typos (“If i fell of ” means If I fell off?)
    Nice personal reflection that connects to the word.
    some new information on the topic or reflective; attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning; well organizedand written in an interesting style and voice; words chosen mostly reflect author’s personality and brings content to life for the most part; sentence fluency is mostly achieved
    few spelling errors; few grammar errors; (TYPOS) some formatting to help make the post easier to read; multimedia adds new information or perspective to post; may be categorized or tagged; most information sources are cited accurately


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