Reality (Post 1)


The word “reality” comes from the french word “realite” and directly from the nominative form of realitas in Latin. The meaning “real existence, all that is real” is from the 1640’s, and the definition “the real state of something” is from the 1680’s. Later on it also meant “sincerity”.

Uses in literature:

Edgar Allen Poe’s Poems

“tho’ that long dream were of hopeless sorrow,’Twere better than the dull reality Of waking life to him whose heart shall be, And hath been ever, on the chilly earth, A chaos of deep passion from his birth !”

Jack London’s Michael, Brother of Jerry

“They constituted another world and were as a play of superior beings on an exalted stage where was no reality such as black men might know as reality, where, like the phantoms of a dream, the white men moved and were as shadows cast upon the vast and mysterious curtain of the Cosmos.”
Reality is usually defined as being different from person-to-person, for it is how one perceives the world and life in general.
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