Hatred Synonyms and Antonyms



  • alienation
  • animosity
  • bitterness
  • contempt
  • disgust
  • distaste
  • enmity
  • envy
  • grudge
  • horror
  • hostility
  • ill will
  • loathing
  • malice
  • prejudice
  • rancor
  • revulsion
  • abhorrence


  • admiration
  • approval
  • desire
  • esteem
  • forgiveness
  • friendliness
  • friendship

The synonym that is closest to hatred is loathing, because hatred is in essence loathing someone to the extreme. Hostility is another close one because a person that you hate you may also be hostile towards. Prejudice is another good choice because prejudices stem from hatred.


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  1. Needs to be more than a list copied and pasted from the Internet
    informational post: there is little to no evidence of other readings or information in order to form new meaning;
    post has no style or voice;
    sentence fluency is absent; sentences feel unnatural


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