Importance of Warmth to Life

babiesWarmth is something we crave even from a very young age. Babies, when they are first born, need warmth in order to sustain life. Within seconds of being born babies are taken to a heat lamp where they are cleaned and then wrapped in a blanket for the mother to hold. Warmth is especially important to life in colder temperatures, like Alaska or Antarctica. Hypothermia is the condition of having an abnormally low body temperature, typically one that is dangerously low. Warmth is a derivative of heat and if there is heat there is warmth and with warmth comes an  increase in body temperature. Humans are warm blooded so they need heat in order to live.

chickenWarmth  is not only a necessity for humans, but birds as well. All birds ranging from chickens to parrots lay eggs and in order to have their chicks hatch, they must keep their eggs warm. Chickens specifically are a good example of the necessity of warmth. If a chicken does not keep it’s eggs warm, it becomes a human’s breakfast.

Without warmth life would not exist.

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  1. Great graphics, but there is little “voice”…so what do you think? Your last line seems a little trite. Is warmth relative to context? This is physical warmth…and you are continuing to define the term.
    gives some new information on the topic; informational post: has trouble with integrating read or learned information and mostly repeats without construction of new meaning;
    post has little style or voice; words chosen show an attempt at bringing the content to life;
    one piece of multimedia; one or more links to obvious websites (Wikipedia, dictionary on line); post may be categorized or tagged; a few information sources are cited accurately;


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