Confidence in Numbers

Confidence in Numbers

An organism’s confidence level often changes when they are among others. This can either be beneficial or detrimental to the group.
When mobs or gangs get together and share a similar purpose which is to have control, run drug deals, and not let anything else above their authority. When groups can run a thousand or more strong, that confidence is huge because it is not just one. Also, when just generic groups of people get together to party or just happen to share a similar interest, confidence levels rise and can often get out of hand because we get a sense of being bulletproof. This takes confidence to an extreme level that is unsafe where murders or severe injury can happen.
However confidence in numbers can be a beneficial attribute. Many of us have heard “There is no I in team” from teachers or coaches in school. This holds a purpose in the business world as well. People need to work together to get jobs done. Whether it is a sports team, office team, or an organization. Often this confidence in numbers is a great thing because it gets the job done or gives people with minimal self confidence, the opportunity to become confident with the help of others.
Confidence in numbers does not just run in the nature of humans, but also animals. Many travel and hunt in packs or groups, such as wolves, dolphins, and salmon. Moving as a pack helps wolves or coyotes bring down animals bigger than them which feeds all of them. Dolphins travel together as family to feed, breed, and protect themselves. However Salmon move as a group for natures reasons. They must travel upstream to lay their eggs and then die.
Confidence in numbers is found everywhere, not just in humans. In my opinion it is a wonderful way of nature.

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