The Beauty in Freedom

Throughout my childhood, I have heard the frequently asked question “Is freedom really free?” I never exactly understood what this meant because I always assumed freedom and free were the same words. With all of the people who have claimed freedom isn’t free and have their supporting reasons, and to all of the people who claim it is free and also have their reasons, I choose to ignore these points of view. I don’t feel the question can be asked in America, being a democratic republic, when other countries are so far behind in policy. How can Americans complain with so many privileges while people in other countries have little to nothing?

With this idea comes the questioning of the American war being fought in Afghanistan. Many Americans have come to question the exact reasoning for the war. Is it to improve American relations with the country, or help to fight for their freedom? One important reason as to why the war is being fought is to free women specifically. The US specified,

“The pursuit of U.S. security interests, explained policymakers, would benefit the people of Afghanistan. “We felt an obligation to leave them better off than when we had come,” recalls Rice. “Thus freeing Afghan women emerged early as a policy goal.”

The differences between American views on freedom and Afghan views are extraordinary. We only hear about American complaints so much because Americans are lucky enough to have freedom of speech in the first place. If Afghans lack freedom of speech, their views on freedom can never be heard because it will be thought to go against their government. Overall, I believe Afghans can currently see nothing but beauty in the idea of freedom because it would be such a drastic change from the life they live now. Americans however may not agree because we are so much more fortunate and are able to pick and choose about every little thing. If I were to talk literally about the beauty of freedom, I see nothing more beautiful than the American flag and the eagle’s representation of the country we live in.

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  1. While I was reading your post, I thought about the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”…which does explain how the cultural perspective on beauty differs. Our concept of freedom has developed over time….the Afghanistan people have not had the opportunity to develop freedom on their own.


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