The 27 Club

The dubbed “27 Club” is an oddly large amount of famous musicians who happened to die at the age of 27 for many various reasons including accidents, drug overdoses, murders, suicides, natural causes etc. Is there an actual correlation between these musicians and their premature deaths? Most believe that the social media was responsible for implanting these theories into society. Others believe that there is some relationship, some reason why so many musicians died so young and at the same age.


Above: Kurt Cobain, front man of the 90’s grunge band Nirvana, died of suicide.


Jimi Henrix, famed guitarist, died from asphyxiation from mixture of sleeping pills and alcohol.


Janis Joplin, blues/rock singer, died of heroin overdose

The University of Queensland in Australia led a study on the quest to discover the correlation between the musicians and their common deaths. Their results were not very convincing regarding any real correlation. The study itself included only those musicians who had records at the No. 1 slot for all time hits during 1956 through 2007, as well as three highly regarded musicians who did not make the No. 1 slot, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin (their records never hit the top of British charts). Keep in mind, nearly over one thousand other musicians and artists did not make the cut for the study, including some of the voices of the Muppets, as well as Frank Sinatra.

The study proved that the age of 27 carried no outside risk, and that musicians of that kind of hype were much more likely to die at a younger age compared to more reserved, less popular musicians, or regular people because of their “rock-star” behavior. The studied showed that the 1970’s through 1980 carried the highest death rate, and this can be attributed to the fact that drugs were much more popular during that period of time.


The study concluded that heroin, alcohol, and various other depressants were the main cause of these musicians’ deaths. Is there still a correlation? I like to think not. Like stated earlier, I feel that the social media has much more control over the popular consensus than one would think. I’d like to think that when I become famous I will not die at the age of 27, but I hate looking that far ahead. With the influx of newer and younger musicians in today’s music industry, we can only wait and see if this “27 Club” will induct new members in the new future.


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  1. elliottghall

     /  December 6, 2012

    Sweet post dude. it’s a truly tragic group of individuals that belong to this club and the number is growing, most recently Amy Winehouse. It is sad that such talented people go out so young. I always wondered what it would have been like if Hendrix put out another 3 or 4 albums, they likely would have been pure brilliance…but at the same time, I feel like these guys are so famous not just because of their talent but because they died so young. As much as I love the bands from this era, many of them that still tour are ruining their reputation because they just plain don’t sound good anymore. It’s sad that they are gone but at least the went out on a high (forgive the pun).

  2. I think this is a great post. This should be shared! I have always held that artists usually live life from the margins…not part of the mainstream…more on the extremes. With that kind of lifestyle, of course there are casualties. What is not explained here, however, is how Mick Jagger can live a lifestyle of extremes…and then cavort around like a teen ager when he is over 70 years!


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