Shopping Addictions

Shopping is a cure for many emotions including sadness and anger. The majority of the shopping urge is in the female population. New dresses, shirts, shoes and the latest purses trigger a temporary relieve of emotions. Shopping is a sense of comfort. It allows for the other worries or problems in someone’s personal life to be ignored for a time. However this temporary sense of comfort can get out of hand putting many in debt and unhealthy habits.

Addiction to shopping becomes a serious mental disorder

“Specialists identified symptoms of shopping addiction in the 1990s. This mental and spiritual disorder is common mostly with women. Addiction to shopping has been shaping up as an epidemic lately. Researchers found out that about twenty percent of German women acknowledge their insuperable desire to buy something all the time. The addiction has conquered 40 percent of American women, whereas 52 percent of British females said they found shopping a lot more enjoyable than sex. There is no such statistic data as far as Russian women are concerned, although the passion for shopping has been developing in Russia steadily”

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Why does shopping give girls a sense of comfort? The main reason is the emotion of happiness and comfort that is released. Very similar to the feeling on christmas morning shopping brings people new things. New material items are bought but for many shopaholics these close still may have tags on them when walking into this persons closet. Shopping triggers comfort that a person may have been lacking in their childhood.

For example, in the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” a girl never had the experience when she was a young girl to experience new clothes and shoes that all of her friends at school got to buy. Instead her mom bought her cheap things that lasted a long time. Later in life, the girl develops an addiction to buying clothes even though she cannot afford them.

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Not only do these shopping addictions occur in popular movies but also in the society we live in today. Marceia Hawkins, talks on the today show about her shopping addiction why she shops and how it effects her financial problems and her relationships.

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