Often, when people express their opinions, they fall from the objective and plummet straight into the Chaos of complaint. Even I find myself complaining about moot points and asinine trifles more than I would like to admit. There are people who always seem to complain about something to the point where nobody listens to them any more. I find these people to be the least enjoyable company. The point is, there is a subtle difference between venting and complaining and too often people fall into the negative world of their opinions becoming nasty and unlikable beings.

There actually is a defined investigation to this subject. I stumbled upon an article by Hagar Scher on the internet that touches upon the subject. For the most part, I agree with what Scher says. One phrase that I found the the article that I feel is worth sharing goes:

“Chronic complainers get stuck in victim mode, and that irritates the people around them,”

I understand that some people need a shoulder to cry on all the time, but sometimes people take it too far. I get irritated by the people who constantly complain because there seems to be no cure for it. Once, I have tried explaining to a “chronic” that she should confront her problem rather than spewing her negative thoughts on to us (it wasn’t her first time complaining anyway and she was also complaining about something truly unimportant: the cafeteria worker didn’t put her wrap together correctly), and she got mad at me. I merely suggested that she ask for her wrap to be made a different way and she responded as though I had slapped her. I find that your opinions about complainers are best kept to select company.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite so this is my message. People who complain incessantly should realize that they are not enjoyable people. If you always look on the negative side, you are probably a negative person. If you have a stupid problem, fix it, it will be easy.

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  1. “All the world’s a stage…” so how you make the entrance and exits in life does determine the audience’s reaction. I have always believed in that philosophy…and it does support your idea about negativity and complaining. If someone gives off negative attitudes, the time on “stage” will be negative as well.


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