The Debates

In September and Early November I was paying a lot of attention to the election and especially the presidential debates. My first reaction was disgust. The amount of disrespect the candidates had for each other was ridiculous. The entire thing was a chaotic mess of each candidate and the debate leader each trying to control the debate. If you watch from about the 34th minute to the 35th minute (I obviously don’t expect you to sit there and listen to the entire hour and a half debate), you can see just one of the many examples, where the moderator is trying to stop each candidate to stop talking, while each of the candidates are still arguing with each other. You realize just how ridiculous the two candidates are being, when you hear how much of the vote is actually decided by the debates.

In political scientist, James Stinson’s, study, Tides of Consent, he reveals that close to none of the vote is actually decided by the debates. So, basically the presidents are just arguing for pride.

In my personal opinion, someone running the country should at least have enough decency to respect when others are talking, and understand when it is their place to talk. Imagine a president going into another country and just interrupting the leader of the foreign country the entire time. Respect earns respect, and neither candidate seemed to understand this during the debates. I have always stuck by my belief that more important than anything, a president should be a good person. They should be someone who is personable, and seems all around friendly. However, after watching these debates it seemed like each president thought that they were above everything else. They did not even respect the moderator. How can a president represent the populous, if they cannot even act appropriately in a controlled environment?

I know that the presidency is about more than respect, it’s about policies, charisma, and if you can put a whole country onto your back, but something about those arguments really just irked me.

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