Stage Fright


Stage Fright is a fear that almost everyone has when presenting themselves infront of a large audience of people. I myself have fallen victim to stage fright. Sometimes it is not expected and sometimes people know that it is going to happen. Why do we get stage fright? Stage fright comes from nerves and the fear of being judged. When many eyes are looking upon you and watching your every move, it is easy to feel like your’e going to mess up. No one wants to be the person that is up infront of people and get laughed at. The affects of stage fright include, shaking, sweating, and stuttering. These affects are all due to the fact of a person being uncomfortable.


Dealing with Stage Fright:

Stage fright can be cured by training yourself to be or act a certain way. One way of curing stage fright is rehearsing over and over again infront of people so that you become comfortable in the words you are presenting. If someone is not afraid to mess up because they have practiced many times then they feel comfort in what they are presenting. Another way to cure stage fright is taking the nerves and excitement that you may have and translating them into good nerves for when you talk on stage. The last way in which to cure stage fright be yourself is  to use humor and imagination. By doing this people can imagine the audience naked or with their underwear on. This method helps the person giving a speech to relax and not be scared of what the audience is thinking of them because they are the ones vulnerable.


However the best way in which to help with stage fright is presenting a performance with other people. Comfort in numbers, is the best way in which to cure stage fright because you are not by yourself when presenting a speech. With comfort in numbers a person can have a voice but is not defined by themselves but rather in a group of people. This may be why certain boy bands sing together so that they get rid of the fear of a big audience. Boy bands like one direction, n-sync. The individuals may have not wanted to become a singer because of all the hype and may have felt more comfortable performing with other boys. Comfort in people is very common when presenting a speech.

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  1. What is the difference between affect and effect? N-Sync is capitalized. Did you link the information about how to cure stage fright? Where did you get these suggestions.
    Again, this is a beautiful post….but you need to polish!


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