Is Art Beauty?

While most people perceive beauty through people, artists view beauty through their work. Paintings, drawings, etc are many times made to express beauty in something that perhaps is not seen as beauty to others. By doing this, artists work to satisfy their ideals while also trying to open the eyes of the world.

In much of art, lighting is used to express beauty. When lighting is used in one specific area of art, their intentions are to highlight the key parts of the work that they want the audience to notice. On the other hand, darkness is used to perhaps tone down another part of the work or even play down its beauty.

Along with lighting, color is used to express beauty in art. When there are bright colors in an artist’s work, the audience feels warmth and happiness than then transfers into ideals of beauty. When dark and dull colors are used, the viewers associate the art with ugliness. Color truly makes art pop and leave a lasting effect on the viewers.

Horace once said, “A picture is a poem without words.” Through this, he is saying that the beauty is seen without needing its beauty to be told in words. With this being said, art is furthermore created to tell a message without literally writing it out in words. Through every work, an artist strives to transfer a message to their viewers with simply a look.

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