I have no hope…

I have all lost hope that this blog business will end soon…
It is truly difficult choosing a word and thinking of all the different things that could be associated with it.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of hope. I’m done with it. I’m even done hoping this blog will be over soon!
When something feels as though it drags on and on, the truth is that in reality it is not so bad. In reality there is no reason to lose hope. –Losing hope is a thing for fiction.
Sure, this blog may take away some hours of my day that could be spent doing homework, running, applying to colleges, watching movies, or just lounging around, but is this blog really that bad?
All the posts I have posted so far have been fun to plan, fun to write, and have been interesting to research. I have learned some new things and I have been able to express my opinions about some of the subject matters. This blog experience is also a unique way to do homework. I’m not sitting up at odd hours of the night attempting to write a ten page essay for class the next day.
I’m sitting here typing away on a keyboard, looking up pictures, watching interesting movies that correspond to the subject I’m blogging about, and I’m complaining.
Now this must stop.

I know most people wait for a new year to make resolutions, but I’ll make one right here, right now:

I’d like to change. I’d like to complain less and do more.
With the luxuries I have, I have no right to complain at all. Not one word in complaint that I utter is equal at all to the suffering of others around the face of the planet.
You are my witness to this promise, let’s see if it works.

I look forward to blogging more. And I hope that at the conclusion of this experience I’ll touch upon the promise I made to you in this post. Hopefully, it will stay true.

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  1. Laughing! I had no idea this was going to turn out so funny!


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