Is there Hope for the ‘Holy Land’?

Most people do not realize the issues going on around them in the world.
They know that bad things are happening, but they don’t stop them.

History is great for providing lessons. History has shown us that appeasement does not help. It did not help in World War Two’s Holocaust and it certainly did not help in Serbia and Bosnia’s genocide. What makes people think that appeasement will work now? Why is injustice ignored? And why is an oppressor supported?
It would have been blasphemous had the United States aided Nazi Germany. Likewise it is it not blasphemous for the US to aid another occupier?

In order to fully understand the issue at hand (an issue very dear to my heart) I must first induce a state of verstehen, we must step into the shoes of those in need:

It is present day, United States.
The US is a neutral party facing the wrath of a war between two of its allies, for the purposes of this story, let’s say China and South Korea.
China has been defeated. But the South Koreans feel as though they can no longer reside alongside the Chinese, they must obtain new land in order to prosper.
Boatloads and airplanes full of South Koreans arrive in the United States. It appears to be a relatively unpopulated area of land (in comparison to the world) that would easily house South Korean populations…
(Note that the Americans and the South Koreans were previously allies and shared no historical enmity between each other)
Americans have no say in the issue, the government overruled by South Korea’s and the support of another ally, Japan.
As more and more Koreans arrive, room must be made.
Korean armies arrive supported by Japan, forcing Americans out of their houses and left homeless.
In the wake of these oustings, devastating massacres occur killing thousands of Americans.
As more Koreans arrive the Americans are pushed by the Korean army into unfertile regions of land. Houses have no running water or electricity.
More and more Koreans arrive, 40% of the population is now Korean. They live in 70% of the land space.
Americans are not allowed to enter cities without passing through time-wasting checkpoints where they are humiliated and taunted by the Korean army. Americans cannot go to work, cannot go to worship, cannot go to shop, and cannot go to the hospital.
Soon a wall is erected, taller and longer than the Berlin Wall, separating the Americans from the Koreans, also further impeding movement.
Americans protesting the Korean occupation or attempting to go to school are shot at and in many cases, killed.
More Koreans arrive and the Korean army is supplied with the latest military technology from Japan.
The American people are hopeless. They have lost their homes, their families, their lives, everything.
Revenge and hatred is all that is left because hope has abandoned them. Their old ally Japan, is a now a supporter of the perpetrator.
Your neighbor from down the street lost his daughter to a soldier on her way to school. His house was just blasted by an airstrike last night, killing the rest of his family. He has nothing to lose. He has only hatred. Revenge is the only word on his mind.
In the morning, he puts on a vest filled with explosives, slips through the checkpoints to a new Korean settlement filled to the brim with happy, smiling, functioning families, and blows the bomb after shouting “God Bless America!”

This is a rather farfetched story that does not directly blame any of the countries mentioned nor does it showcase my political views on the countries involved. However, if this story shocked you, then it might also shock you to realize that this story actually did happen, in real life.

It happened to Palestine.

It appears as though there is no HOPE for Palestine. However  you, me, anyone, and everyone can change that. Support a people in need and do not stand for ignorance, intolerance, or oppression. End the Israeli-Palestinian Aparthied.

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