Confidence: Nature Vs. Nurture

Confidence: Nature Vs. Nurture

In a previous blog I touched upon the topic of Self Confidence, and it was my belief that it is developed through your environment and upbringing.
Ray Williams debates where our self confidence comes from in an article called “Self-Confidence: Nature or Nurture?”

The idea has been for some time that it is mostly nurture, however new research leads us to believe that we may be predisposed self-confident. “Researchers like Albert Bandura have argued that the initial efficacy experiences are centered in the family. But as the growing child’s social world rapidly expands, peers become increasingly important in children’s developing self-knowledge of their capabilities. So, until now, an individual’s self-confidence was seen to be based on upbringing and other environmental factors.” Explains Williams. To argue this point, Corina Greven of King’s College in London and her colleague, Robert Plomin of the Institute of Psychiatry, claim that confidence is a predisposition. Greven and Plomin also found that children with a greater belief in their own abilities often performed better at school, even if they were actually less intelligent. The same held true for athletes, with ability playing a lesser role than confidence.
In truth, there is no definite answer to nature vs. nurture. There is evidence and critics supporting both sides.

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  1. OK…lots of good information here…but once you start pasting in all the facts, I lose sight of Nyla? I cannot hear your voice because you are not responding to the information…..
    GREAT picture…eye-catching. How does the photo relate to your ideas…spell it out for me…do not make the reader work!
    FROM RUBRIC: some new information on the topic or reflective; informational post: attempts to synthesize information and form new meaning; well organized
    post has little style or voice; words chosen show an attempt at bringing the content to life; sentence fluency is achieved in few places


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