Why Should We Read?

We ought to read more. I know, it’s quite a hoary idea, but like most overstated suggestions, we probably should be listening to them.

I’m in a reading mood. Every so often, I find a good book that I simply cannot put down and I fall into reading binges. In this case, it was Margaret Atwood’s, Oryx and Crake, truly, a riveting novel. I finished it last Sunday at one in the morning. I had to finish it. It’s difficult to find a novel that makes you sad that it is over and this was one. But I digress. So, I am in this reading mood and already half way through Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, and I think about how little it seems, we read. During these periods, I am almost entranced by reading and I cannot comprehend how people could not want to read.

Now I can see why. Books are not readily available. Of course, there are public libraries, but there is no way to read a book off your computer without paying (in most cases). Also, I know personally, that I do not want to read off a computer screen. Why would I waste my time driving to a library to pick up a book when I can sit comfortably in my chair watching Youtube videos or watching TV. I believe that people read more a century ago because there was little else to do for entertainment, but now that a plethora of cat videos and movies on demand are available in a matter of seconds, we can do easier things.

“Easier” is not where we want our minds to go. Almost like a muscle, you need to work your brain and stretch it capabilities to become better. If our minds lay around watching TV and munching potato chips, it will get lethargic and fat.

We should read because reading can make us better in countless ways.

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  1. Are you pandering to me? Because this is really such a great blog! Can I post it on my own blog? But…before I do that, have you looked on the cart in our classrooms? I have collected really GREAT reads…and you can have the books (they cost $1 each)…I am trying to have you all develop this epiphany….just wish more of you thought this way!
    Now, you have a multimedia link…but can you comment on that material…something to explain why you put it on? Do not make the reader do all the work.


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