Calm in Chaos

I found it ironic how the two word categories “calm” and “chaos” follow each other in the category choices. Of course this means that they follow each other because of the alphabetical arrangement they are listed in, but the two words are polar opposites and that in itself is something worth writing about. I searched “calm in chaos” and found this picture/poem that I thought was very cool. On the surface we can see the calm. There are only the two colors of green and white, so that keeps it simple. I love how the snow is freshly fallen powder that seems to give the branches of the trees a great reason to slouch and be limp. Almost like they had a hard days work and they are bundled up on the couch covered in blankets, muscles relaxed and still. The snow forms little lumps that are very nicely rounded off. The lumps sit on the branches with such a large amount of surface area, but so little surface area makes contact with the branch itself. This makes the snow very unstable and very vulnerable to falling to its ground and blending in. But the weather is so calm and without motion that the snow is allowed to stay and give the branch reason to relax.

What we see on top is beautiful and serene. But what lies underneath is hellish. The trees are twisted and mangled by the overbearing weight of the snow that it cannot handle. There are exposed root systems and animal homes buried and destroyed. Underneath lies cold death of once fantastic nature. Just as we have on the side bar of categories to blog under, calm is on top of chaos.

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  1. Okay…this is as close to what I am looking for in a blog post as you can get. You have brought new information to the word (called attention to something I had not noticed)…and explained your multimedia piece. Just watch your grammar!


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