Inner Beauty is Real Beauty

Society finds many challenges when trying to look deeper into life. In other words, people judge the cover of a book before looking into its pages and actually reading it. When it comes to beauty, people are first judged by their looks rather than their personality and morals. While outer beauty can attract a person and draw them in, I believe it is the inner beauty that truly captures the heart.

When it comes to beauty, I believe childhood is fully responsible for teaching children what to believe. Specifically, girls grow up reading stories and watching movies such as Cinderella, which shows them the goodness in beautiful people. That is why children grow up believing beautiful people are the better people and grow to admire and envy them. However, what about other people that perhaps can’t be classified as beautiful people? Children shouldn’t grow up believing these people aren’t “good” on a deeper level.

Another problem with childhood figures is the existence of Barbie. Every girl wants to be Barbie because she is beautiful and successful. However, no one acknowledges the fact that it is physically impossible to be Barbie. With her body measurements, a real life Barbie would not even be able to stand on her own two feet. So the question comes, why are children taught such ideals of beauty that simply cannot exist?

What many people choose to ignore is the fact that many beautiful people can be ugly on the inside. Yet, everyone still desires to be beautiful because they are familiar with the advantages of having such an asset. Usually along with beauty comes a social life, friends, jobs, etc. Regardless of these advantages, it is most important to focus on inner beauty. Beauty seen with eyes does not last a lifetime. On the other hand, inner beauty can last forever and inspire others to do the same.

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  1. Very thoughtful post…reads like you are speaking…and that is what I want in a post, your voice. Where, however, is your multi-media? A picture of Barbie? a Model? something…the reason to blog is to have some visual…otherwise, we would be handwriting these in your journals!
    no multimedia; no links


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