The Music Of Persevering

When you’re doing work, whether that’s paperwork or exercise, you probably listen to music. While this is probably just for your personal enjoyment rather than the benefits that come from listening to music while you work, listening to music will actually make working hard easier. Why is this? The scientific explanation is that melodic sounds stimulate the release of dopamine in the reward center of the brain, thus improving your mood and numbing some of the pain experienced while exercising  If you ever get a shiver down your spine from listening to music then you’ve felt what the release of a large amount of dopamine in your brain feels like. The beat of the music serves as a tempo in which to work or excessive to which eliminates the brains need to subconsciously keep track of your work rhythm because it’s synced up with the music you’re listening to.  Music also helps to keep you concentrated on your work, an article written in the New York Times on the effects of music on work ethics mentions that listening to music for just 15 to 30 minutes can help workers regain focus. Because of all this, persevering, while it may be a tough thing to do, may just be a little easier with the help of music.

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