Pandora’s box

Pandora’s box or rather a large jar, which was what it really was, originated in a Greek myth where all of the evil in the world was released after Pandora opened it. It was sort of like the Greek’s explanation for sin. In modern times there are also figurative pandora’s boxes. War creates the most chaos out of anything else in the present day. The declaration of war foreshadows the words death, destruction, and cruelty. The chatter of machine guns and the sound of explosions always come with war, and personally I cannot think of anything more chaotic than these two sounds. The sounds destroy families and homes. There have also been times throughout history where there were kids shooting guns and launching mortars who did not even agree with the wars. They were drafted into the war, and there was no escape from it.
Pandora’s box was not all about the chaos and sin though, it was also about the temptation of the box. Even though war is so chaotic and destructive some are still drawn to it. Movies are filmed about war all the time and they make quite a bit of money. Even if you are not openly drawn to war, everyone is a little bit curious about it, and it is part of everyone’s lives. Our country, the United States wouldn’t have even been free if it wasn’t for the Revolutionary War. Blacks would not have their rights if it wasn’t for war. So, even though the declaration of war lets loose a slew of evils, if war did not exist, it would be impossible for anything to get done.

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  1. I have a friend who is a nurse, and she makes the same comments, that war is good for medicine….disturbingly ironic.

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