Ode To Perservering

Ode To Persevering

To Persevere

It’s to continue when there’s no hope

To work hard after you’ve already worked hard

Its what shows your determination

To give one hundred and ten percent

Its when you work late into the the night because you know if you try just one more time you’ll get it right

to not give up when everyone says you’ll fail

All of History’s greatest minds and leaders were created through it

in order to become great all you have to do is remember

to persevere.

By Zachary Williams

Throughout my life, the only time that I’ve ever totally screwed up was when I didn’t persevere. Something so seemingly easy to do, yet its so undesirable to do. Putting off work seems like so much of an easier and better alternative to doing it after school and cross country when I’m really tired. But then there’s time to push the assignment back even further, its not due until next week. Suddenly its next week, you have 3 papers due, and you haven’t written one sentence of any. Normally something like that doesn’t happen to me, but letting yourself slip is as easy as forgetting to lock your car door. Sometimes you end up ok, but sometimes you come back and your cars gone. Sometimes you can get the car back if you look for it hard enough and the police are willing to help you, but if you don’t try to get it back then you’ll never get it back. Similarly in life, if you don’t try to make up for your mistakes then you won’t get what you want. Only a stolen car.

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