Do People Overlook the Beauty of Nature?


To say that nature is beauty is such a broad statement. What about nature is beautiful? There are numerous different aspects of nature that can be beautiful, and they don’t have to be just physical either. However, do people take any time to notice such aspects of nature? If they are noticed, do people act to preserve its beauty?

If I had to take a stand, I would say people overlook the beauty of nature on a daily basis. People take advantage of what nature has to offer and don’t think twice. For example, nature’s natural resources are being used up quickly in such little time. For example, oil is one of Earth’s nonrenewable resources, meaning once it is used up, it is gone for centuries. In addition to oil, people are cutting down rainforests without analyzing the drastic effects. Many people would rather cut down a rainforest to build themselves a parking lot that would benefit themselves than imagine all of the animals homes and resources they are tearing down. Many people would rather see beauty in a brand new skyscraper than look at the beauty of nature not touched by human hands.

I believe people fail to recognize the effects nature has on us emotionally. When it is a warm, bright day and the sun is shining, we naturally feel happiness and comfort. At the same time, when it is cold, cloudy and rainy, we naturally feel more gloomy and tired. Nature and the weather, in a sense, can establish a person’s whole mood for the day. This makes me realize how much power nature has on our lives in general.


Poem example: “Take Time to See” Author unknown

It seems so hard to understand,
As I look across the land,
That all I view belongs to me,
I ought to take more time to see.
The distant hills and mountains high,
The rolling clouds and bright blue sky,
No one can take these views from me,
As long as I have eyes to see.


This segment of a poem shows the author’s struggle to truly recognize nature’s role in his life. He knows nature is always around him, however he never takes the time to notice its beauty. Overall, this is my point when it comes to people and nature. Although we are surrounded by nature, we don’t realize how it impacts our life. At the same time, we won’t understand its beauty until it perhaps is no longer there to view for ourselves.

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