Sleep is Beauty

In order to face each and every new day feeling beautiful, getting enough sleep is necessary. Sleeping is as important to good health as food and exercise. As a matter of fact, working too hard and depriving yourself of sleep is damaging to your health. This includes wearing a person down over time and causing them to appear older or more tired than they truly are. This concept is especially hard for Americans to understand because in our case, everything is done in a fast pace. From fast food restaurants to competition in the workplace, everything needs to be done at the fastest rate possible. When this happens, sleep is the last thing on a person’s list. In this case, people underestimate just how important sleep is to their daily schedule. They lack the knowledge that sleep allows a person to renew and recuperate from the activities of the day and is what takes care of the mind and body.


To go more into detail, lack of sleep causes increased aging of the skin. Our stage in sleep called R.E.M, which is our deepest part, is when people typically experience an increase in growth hormones. These hormones repair or rebuild muscle tissues. Cells also experience increased production and less protein breakdown. Proteins are vital nutrients needed for cell growth to protect and repair from stress and UV rays. Not only is a minimum of eight hours each night recommended for sleep, but also a decent quality of sleep.


Along with sleep deprivation comes, for many people, the need for caffeine. When people don’t get enough sleep each night, they end up reaching for the few cups of coffee or the energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine the next morning. Caffeine is specifically bad for people because it exhausts the skin, draining the body of its moisture. Water is the best thing to have after a night of sleep deprivation.


Overall, the term “beauty sleep” does not lie. It is important to get enough sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. Sleep not only makes you feel happier on a daily basis, but it keeps your skin healthy and radiant and shows off your true beauty.

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