Should There Be No Homework?

We’ve probably all heard about it: The new French President François Hollande is proposing a ban on homework in France. Hollande believes that school work should remain in school because it levels the playing ground across the social classes. He claims that wealthier students can finish homework more easily than lower class students because they have a comfortable and encouraging environment while their counterparts are less well off. His argument is acceptable. It is true that some students must work or do chores after school while others are given leisure time. But could this lack of homework be detrimental?

Of course, as a student I wish there was no homework; I would love to be able to relax after school and do more extracurriculars, but I do acknowledge its importance to my education. I learn best by doing. This makes me a kinesthetic learner. When I sit down and do my math homework, I practice the theories I learned in class and through this process, I make the knowledge more concrete. Without math homework, I probably would not be as good at the class than I am now. Attending class stimulates my auditory and visual learning, but the practice is missing. Practice does make perfect. Writing essays, reading novels, working on problem sets, all of these actions are strengthened by practice and the only time I get sufficient practice in these is when I do my homework. There is no pressure to be absolutely correct with homework, the effort gets the good grade so the practice is not a test.

How would this system affect college-bound students? Would they be put at a disadvantage? College classes give out homework. It is vital to how the class moves along in such a short period. Lectures stimulate auditory and visual learning, labs and problem sets give practice to the theories. If I did not practice homework, I would have to learn the skill in college. Many careers require work outside of business hours. Doesn’t homework benefit this?
Colleges want to see well-rounded students who are able to manage their time well. Perhaps with homework banned, students would become better at time management, or maybe they will just waste their free time doing stupid things. I believe that homework is essential to learning.

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  1. Actually, I believe is project work for homework…not homework per se. I think reading and writing after class…and over an extended period of time is what makes for better understanding.


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