Death — A New Beginning

The theory that death is an ending to life is an amassed belief for many people. For some, though, death is a passageway, a bridge, to a new life. Death is one aspect of the human the life that is uncontrollable. There are indeed ways one can lengthen their time on Earth by practicing good health and fitness, but death will come, whether we like it or not. Perhaps death should not be feared. Though it is a loss of life, it, in a sense, could be the birth of a new one.

I recently read a blog post on how one person yo-yoed between being faithful to God, and not believing in any part of God. This person turned to drugs, which eventually kicked her out of the Navy. She was admitted to rehab, became clean, got out, and turned to drugs again. It was death, the death of her brother, that turned her life around. The death of her brother got her to read a book written by a nun, confessing her wrongdoings. This person found a new life as a result of death. The death of this person’s brother in turn created a new life for her. She became a nun herself, as a result of death. Death created a new life for this woman.

My grandmother has been telling me about the Tao. To be honest, I couldn’t really give you a definition of the Tao, and I am not about to look up a definition because I honestly don’t think it can be defined. The Tao is a balance. When your life feels in balance, you are in touch with your Tao. Part of this belief is the theory that when you die, you become another organism. A tree, a bird, perhaps a butterfly. Some may condemn this, but I think it’s pretty neat. Anyways, this relates entirely to death becoming a new beginning. Who says you just rot in the ground when you die? Or that you will end up in so-called Heaven or Hell? An organism dying and becoming another organism is the passageway of death to a new life. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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