How Beauty Changes People

As society has changed over the centuries, I find it hard to believe that the term beauty still exists in the same context. Beauty used to be a trait that came naturally. However, over time people have found ways to try to achieve beauty in unnatural ways. To go into further detail of these unnatural ways, I feel I must direct each example at specific countries/cultures.

  • The United States

Ideals of beauty have gone from curvy figures and being beautiful without makeup to the complete opposite. Girls in the United States feel that in order to be pretty, they must starve themselves to be skinny and tall, wear make up, have perfect hair and tan skin. Going to the tanning salon years ago would have been unheard of, but is a daily occurrence now.




  • Southeast Asia

While American women are fighting to have tanner skin, women in Southeast Asia are desperate for paler skin. In their culture, white skin is associated with wealth, beauty, and social class. The market for pale skin is so high that it is even difficult to find cosmetics without whitening agents.



  • China

Chinese men and women strongly believe that height is a symbol of status. Therefore, many people are choosing to undergo a painful procedure to lengthen legs that stretches their bones to make them taller.



  • New Zealand

While Americans get body tattoos on a daily basis perhaps for meaning or for show, men and women of New Zealand tattoo their faces for cultural reasons. The swirling face tattoos, called moko, is their sacred ritual to define beauty that has been practiced for centuries. They were originally worn by Polynesian descendants as a symbol of status.



Others include:

  • Korea

Undergoing eye surgery to make eyes appear wider and rounder

  • Burma

Wrapping brass coils around their necks as they grow older to make their necks appear longer

  • France

No make up is beauty for the French, even if it means using “natural” make up to appear natural in beauty

  • Africa

Being overweight and having stretch marks shows beauty because it signifies wealth and status

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  1. OK, this is an EXCELLENT use of graphics to make a point…I would have liked a conclusion, but you are on the right track. You have guided the reader, now you need to give them a last opinion to consider. You have a little more than the 300 words required, but on final sentence would make a difference.


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