Why is it so hard for everyone to be confident in themselves?

I find that this world lacks a lot of confidence, both in people and in actions. But we also have an over indulgence of confidence where it shouldn’t exist, such as in arrogant and immature people. 

I find that among students that surround me daily, there is a complete lack of confidence in their opinions, beliefs, and ideas which in my eyes is sad. If you can back up your views, why not express it, maybe someone else less confident will agree with you. Or someone that disagrees could debate with you on the idea. After all, things don’t get done by people sitting around keeping to themselves. 

Out of curiosity I searched “Confidence” on Google and a site came up on the top 10 ways to build confidence. However, most of this I highly disagree with. 

  1. Dress Sharp
  2. Walk Faster
  3. Good Posture
  4. Personal Commercial
  5. Gratitude
  6. Compliment others
  7. Sit in the front row
  8. Speak up
  9. Work out
  10. Focus on Contribution

For those with a lack in self esteem on top, this may work out great. But I don’t believe that posture, working out, and the speed you walk helps your confidence. However, personal commercial, gratitude, speaking up, and especially contribution are great for building self confidence. It is the people with confidence that contribute to classrooms, groups, businesses, and politics. 

However, this is all just my opinion. Some believe the world would be at greater peace if we didn’t have outspoken confident people. 


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  1. I concur. You have met the obligations of searching out a way to discuss this word, but you did not take full advantage of blog technology. Where is the link to the Google site? The screenshot? Some poll to determine if you are the only one who feels this way? Otherwise, you could have written this on a slip of paper.


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