Comfort in Clothes

When teenagers come to school everyday, the majority of them dress for comfort. Comfort comes from being confident in what they wear. They don’t want to be made fun of what they wear so they wear what is popular. For example, many girls wear name brand clothes so that they are the same as everyone else and feel good with walking around in their clothes. Abercrombie, Hollister and American Eagle are common brands that boys and girls wear to school to feel accepted and comfortable around their peers. 



People always wear clothes for comfort when they want to feel cozy. They don’t want to wear clothes that are tight to their stomach or show every bulge in their waste. People want to feel the same comfort that they feel when they get in to a warm bed and to do this they wear cotton clothes, for example sweatpants and sweatshirts so they are comfortable throughout the day. 



There is also a song, by joyce manor titled “Comfortable Clothes” 

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  1. 170 words? And I have to watch the video to make a conclusion?? Alexis, you have great graphics here, which you used to illustrate your ideas. You need to do the same for the video…I do not know what you think about this video? Why did you choose it? How does this differ from the graphics? What conclusions about comfortable clothes can you make?


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