Contemporary Hope

Is there hope for mankind?

What does hope mean in this generation?

When I searched “hope” on google news, the top articles were as followed:

Why did sports show up first? Hope in helping others shows up with kindness, but hope for the medical field shows up last? Is this really what our society values? I hope that society will realize how we place emphasis on the wrong things. Is not someone’s life more important than a football player being traded to another team? Or is this just my opinion?

Where do we see hopelessness in the world?

Hopelessness is a feeling aquired in the most dire and chaotic of situations. Everything feels as though it can never recover and that it never will. Void of confidence and filled with ideas of defeat, one is plunged into an immense darkness. This feeling can be brought about by simple disappointments or by larger tragedies such as wars or massacres. Some of the most renowned and most heart wrenching massacres of those of the Trail of Tears, the Bataan Death March, the HolocaustSrebrenica, Rwanda, Darfur, etc, etc

Where do we see hope?

Hope is extremely powerful where it seems most unlikely to exist. Hope is prevalent in groups of people overcoming persecutions, countries overcoming wars, and when the heart seems so broken that it will never be able to mend. Hope appears even in the midst of darkness… when all seems lost, when all that is left is perserverance and hope.

What gives me hope is love. Unconditional love for the world, for each other, and mankind as a whole.



When all is lost what do you cling to?

Your family? Your beliefs? Your desires?

What is it that you think about when all is well…?

Hope is but a mere word encompassing billions of billions of

desires, wants, and dreams.


Here is a poem I wrote about hope (and no, not all poems have to rhyme…):

Through the mist and fog a voice can be heard,

it is subtle at first,

yet gains strength.

Amongst the yelps of pain,

the cries of despair,

the suffering of the world,

it shines through.

It shines bright as the sun

through the battlefields covered with blood,

through the slums plastered with garbage,

through the cities ruled by crime,

through the school grounds plagued with hatred,

through the deep, dark dungeons,

dungeons of the human soul.

It screams,

screams hope.

‘Never give up’ it cries

For some,

it goes unnoticed

but for others it is a beacon;

a beacon for life

a reason to continue onward,

a reason to live.

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  1. Ok…there is a lot of “hope” in this post. What if you focused on ONE of these ideas and expanded that idea?

  2. You have MANY ideas in this post. Why not select ONE idea and run with it…even one of the links you supplied could be fodder for a more lengthy post with your analysis.
    Waiting to see when Pandora shows up. Is there a modern Pandora?


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