Opinion – An Overview

I’d like to officially start this blog by stating this: an opinion is not a fact. I myself am not an openly opinionated person because I acknowledge this truth. Likewise, I do not find it fair for someone to force their often limited views on to someone. For the following posts, I will simply present my opinions on a variety of subjects and use rhetoric to support my ideas. You do not need to agree with me; you do not need to generally oppose me either.

With all of this, I hope to show you, the reader how elastic an opinion is, and how it changes or remains in order to broaden your minds and to teach you to filter what you hear more carefully and form your own opinions based off of what you truly feel. We all need help forming our own opinions without other people nudging us with lies, exaggerations, and bigotry. In reading this, I hope you may learn such a valuable skill.

Expressing your opinions:

Generally, it’s better to have thought and reasoning beforehand


Rhetoric at its finest:

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  1. Do not make the reader do the work…analyze the video after posting it. I want to know YOUR opinion on this piece. That said, this is an attractive post using the elements of blogging technology.


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