Calm at work

“free from excitement or passion;”     I found this definition online of the word calm. I find it to be completely wrong. When I am calm I am passionate. I find this definition to be completely false.

Then someone is calm they tend to be at peace with themselves and their surroundings. I know that when I am calm I accomplish the most. When I can slow things down and take some time to gather my thoughts and arrange them accordingly and absorb the day behind me, that is when I get the most work done. So for me being calm can make a day mean the most by learning the most from events and interactions.

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  1. This entry belongs with your first post. This is a definition (again). You need to move beyond your definition…how does calm apply to different situations?
    Dead calm?
    All is calm; all is bright?
    Calm before the storm?
    Think about entries:
    What products are merchandised using calm?
    Calm colors/angry colors
    If you want more credit on this, rewrite……


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