Uncertainty in Sports

Uncertainty is in every aspect of our life. Take sports. Americans love sports- our culture is partly defined by the them. Baseball or the American past time, basketball, football. These are things that Americans hold dear and we consider part of our everyday lives. Yet, there is so much uncertainty in sports that we never consider.

Look at the draft. I must admit that I occasionally will watch some reality TV. Chloe and Lamar sometimes pops up I must admit. But when watching this crazy and Ludacris show, I learned a bit about pro-sports, and how uncertain an athlete must feel in this industry. Lamar Odem used to be a Laker in Basketball. Right before he got traded to the Mavericks, he commented on how about he has known players that have showed up to practice and all of their stuff have been gone. They were then informed that there were traded and within twenty four hour notice, then could move clear across the country within basically having any say. Of course, that is what happened to Lamar. But seeing this made me think about this industry, and how uncertain the players are in their future. They never know if they will stay on the same team, if they will start, or how long they can last in the industry before they hurt themselves. The draft is an unpredictable thing. Lamar had played with the lakers for years and apparently was one of their best players, but he got traded. The entire business is just frankly uncertain and vague and off. But this is just one aspect of uncertainty in sports.

Another is how the teams play. You could have the best players in the world, and for some reason they could play horribly and lose. You could have an ok team without many My favorite example of underdogs that come out in the end would be from Remember the Titans- no one thought that team would last, but they would end up being undefeated in the end. supporters, that somehow managers to rise to the top for one random season. Here is a link with the top 10 underdog sports winners of the last decade. These examples exemplify how unpredictable sports are, and how you can never know what will happen in the end. Sports are unpredictable and impossible to follow- it is thus that they are extremely uncertain, just like life in general.


This is a site that predicts the up to do odds at who will win various games in the NFL:


But what I find interesting is that these are not always true. There is always the chance that the underdog team will come out and win in the end. No matter what, nothing is for certain. There is a pattern that exists, but patterns are broken, rules are broken. You can never really predict who will win in sports. There are odds and probability, but they are not concrete. This is why you should not bet on sports just as an FYI. There are people who do not understand how uncertain and unstable the sports world really is. Heed my warning: do not try to predict sports. You never know what can happen, who could get, what the circumstances could be. There are just too many variables to account for.


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  1. I think you have made a good argument…no one predicted Bubba Watson would win the Masters going into the tournament. Isn’t that the irony of “the odds be ever in your favor”? Oh, wait…Katniss was favored to win. Never mind.


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